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Dermatologically tested cosmetic heroes

Callus Balm


75 % reduction of horny skin only by applying a cream – within 30 days 

Liver Spot Cream


23 % reduction of liver spots in 6 weeks alongside an improvement of the skin condition

Deo Balm


Effect for 24 hours plus, dermatologically tested.

Our philosophy

Cosmetics are developed at our company according to the criteria of learning from nature, using nature effectively for skincare, as well as traditionally known properties and the latest dermatological findings.

Best quality for the greatest customer satisfaction at attractive prices. All the care products offered are made in Germany and fulfil the current European manufacturing criteria for cosmetics.


The formulas correspond to the latest dermatological knowledge and are developed on the basis of plant-based oils and natural substances.


Apart from plant-based raw substances, we use honey, beeswax, propolis and lanolin in addition. We avoid parabens to ensure hygienic stability. If necessary, the product durability is ensured by means of easily tolerated food preservatives or natural preservation systems. Furthermore, disputed PEGs (polyethylene glycols), mineral and silicon oils are not used.



The effectiveness and tolerability have been verified in dermatological studies for each requirements profile.